the hay plain untroubled by the messyness of a tree


those are not my words

they are part of a text message from John

him and Bec are on their way to Alice.

he has a way with words that lad

the hay plain becomes poetry in motion

instead of a land grieving for what once was.

of course  what he is really commenting on is the sheer stupidity of our forebears

in removing  all the forests  so they could industrialize the landscape   with farming and mining

AND  then have the gall to expect the land  to keep on providing for us.


They  have ridden as far as Coober Pedy now

so probably not a lot of forest around there either.

that is why we rename it desert  so we can feel better about what we have done and continue to do

the desert becomes a cool place to go to  for spiritual direction and far out sunsets

AND to say we have been.

once we prayed in deep glens at the feet of ancient trees beside stones and rivers of pure water

once we respected all of the land.


their respective BMW’s got loaded with swags ,the billy ,wattle sap & dried fruit munchies

and get this

they took the kefir along

kefir being a  plant,

it looks kinda like cottage cheese  and grows yogurt

every day we push the yogurt out thru a sieve  drink it and  add more milk.

most of the time  we run ours on goats milk,

I wonder what they using out there .



I have to say it

monoculture is a giant blight on the landscape

a unparrelled travesty against commonsense and maintaining our Selves on the planet.

we  dig deep into the earth and send it all to  China.

we provide  Japan with our forests

and have done so here in the south-east for 40 years,

4o years of  ships sailing the seas

loaded with  little chips that once were trees.

then we buy everything back from China, our shoes, t shirts, solar panels, garlic

the list goes on and on…….

free market they call it,

don’t complain,

we are all enjoying a high standard of living.

hello… reality check

some may be but most peoples on the planet aren’t

what about them?

AND what about the planet ?

you can probably get where I am coming from now  but do you know where I am going

and will you come with me?

that is the question.

will you leave the sad tired and nasty lies of a dreaming that has given us sinners ,degradation and capitalism?



I have already gone somewhere else

to living within a forest,

growing some veges

picking wild mushrooms

smiling at clouds

dancing with rainbows,

leaving well alone

allowing life to be it self

dreaming another story

another mind field

sharing, deepening connection

working for   spirit   heart   earth

loving honouring


having a bloody good time .

it is not anzac to me



yesterday the wild came to visit,

strong wind rattled our windows and coaxed beanies and jumpers onto our bodies.

yesterday was cold, and dad kept company with the fire  most of the day.

the wild elementals had come to celebrate  the Birth Day of Jessica May.


it is not anzac to me ,

why would it be when instead of the bugle sounds at dawn

my baby splooshed out of my body into the world of form.


born 29 years ago  to an aussie dad and a kiwi mum

that is my  contribution to anzac.


suddenly the whole vibe of anzac was washed clean and reinvented,

not a day of war but life renewing itself,

not a day of uniforms and medals

not a day of past deeds dusted up in glory lies,

but a day of bold beginnings,

a day to honour a terrific girl become woman

a daughter become mother .


a day to share our stories

another day to grow well together.


it was a feast ,

of baked chokos and polenta

of sphaghetti marinara

of antipasto and pinot noir

of chocolate cake and tiny  antique candles,

candles saved by my mum over many of my birthdays.


Jessica May

a  mistress of commonsense and  cheek

of generousity and take no prisoners

of bloody good fun.

we are all the better for her Presence in our lives.








the compost bucket is full and no one wants to empty it

when the baby came to live here we moved away from the compost bucket on the floor,
instead we used  a blue ex ice cream container 2 litre size.
it sat on the island bench out of you know who’s way.
at that stage He was crawling and into pulling all the pots pans bowls trays etc out of the cupboards and scattering them around  willy nilly or at least that is how it looked to us.
 sometimes we had to empty it a few times a day if there was a  big cooking going on
and lets face it,  in this household there is  often big  cookings happening.
 then He grew up a bit and the 10 litre white plastic bucket with fitted lid arrived and so it moved back onto the floor.
now He uses it as a table, sits his drink bottle and any snacks on it, taking a bite and drink whenever he is passing thru the kitchen.
trouble is it can hold so much more
it hasn’t been emptied for a few days so it is pretty well full
it’s raining isn’t it
no one wants to take the extended walk to our current ‘here possum wallaby come and get it, stay away from the garden’ site.
not even me.
 the toilet is far enough and it is very damp in there,
dripping on my neck this morning while I sat and pondered things…
we were going on an outing today
bec was really keen for a ‘Bega ‘ day 
although she has been home for a while she hasn’t been  out,
apart from a trip to Melbourne to catch up with friends, a trip to Canberra for a dance jam at the national folk festival and several trips to ‘ the gong ‘  to buy a BMW and to register a BMW
long story that one so we wont go there today.
between  fixing up the new bike ,painting , buying bike gear off eBay and making silk face masks to go under the helmet she has been tooo busy for outings.
 of course Dad is always a starter for going somewhere,
just sits quietly in the front seat watching the land drift by 
but the rain has driven too hard a bargain 
and we will not win thru the causeway today.
as dad said this morning 
‘gee it was hosing down in the  night’ !!!
and it still is.

I love making up my day



I have no idea

still, after all this time

a grown woman

a learner of things metaphysical, herbal

a sometime yogi singer meditator,

an always  lover of forest and birdsong

and still ,I have no idea of what it is all about

or even, what it is???

we get up in the morning and go about our day

and I love that

I love making up my day.

sometimes the day has been made for you

there is little input required apart from what clothes to wear and lets face it uniforms take that one away.

it is school or work,

it is milking or ploughing,

it is mending tending and bending to the set up.

it is a given and all you have to do is comply,

sullenly  happily  crossly  passionately

it doesn’t  matter ;

the script is written and we each have our parts to play.

I have woken to a  blue  day of autumn chilliness

a last-minute crescent moon

within a  few strands of white cloud,

a cuppa in bed and blackberry jam toast.

I am making it up as I go along

testing realities.

discerning the truth of the current program.

And so I plant the leeks and the tatsoi

enjoy the presence of my father who is visiting

nearly 85, he has come over from the land of the long white cloud to hang out with us,

to  play with his great-grandchild,

to rewire our lamps and lights and radios

to act as consultant for the BMW team as they paw over Becs new bike changing oils and things.

he is great my dad


he walks out to the gate and back every day

1km round trip thru the forest,

stops at a bench on the way and listens to his transistor radio that he carries in his shirt pocket.

He loves the trees and the birds ,all of it really,

we wish he would stay.

he is so valuable

particularly here in this environment,

has  a know how from an era when they had to be inventive and creative .

today he has hopped on the back of the bike with John and gone to Bega

Bec has wandered off to her studio,

ye old lily shack is having another makeover as an artist’s studio.

the baby has taken his parents and his auntie to Melbourne

and I have the quiet space to be in,

I like that too

and now I will go and make up the rest of my day

and I really have no idea what that will look like.