April A to Z begins in


 on some of these early dark mornings mist shrouds the forest in a thick silver grey blanket of moisture.

Slung between branches and grasses are hundreds of webs, some as small as my hand, others bigger than a dinner plate and some shaped like baskets.Dewdrops hang poised on the gossamer threads and flash rainbows when captured by a sunbeam.

this can only be the Realm of the Mist Spiders.
        under the wild cherry tree sits a black swamp wallaby having a bit of a scratch. A tiny head pops out from the pouch and looks around. Mother wallaby leans over and clips a blade of grass to chew. Baby leans further out and tumbles head first  onto the ground. It jumps up eyes bright with  mischief  takes a flying tackle onto Mum and sprawls back onto the ground .

a bit of a scratch, twitch then a  swivel of the ears,  a nibble at the grass and then dives head first back into it‘s snuggy warm pocket.



About faeriembassy

the faerie embassy is my home space,a beautiful mudbrick castle in a richly diverse forest. which means I am very passionate about wallabies and pythons and mist spiders and twisted angophoras and the sound of the wind and the feel of the rain . we are an ark ,an island of light, a beacon of common sense in a crazy out of control consumption mad world.we have a composting toilet for goddess sake.
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17 Responses to April A to Z begins in

  1. Sunni Morris says:

    I enjoyed the Autumn post. You must live in Australia with autumn and a wallaby. Visiting you for the A to Z.



  2. mbhmaine says:

    You painted a beautiful image of Autumn with your words.


  3. rosie49 says:

    Another year around the sun for us — we are awaiting the greening of spring here though.


  4. I love the imagery! You write beautifully.

    I’m visiting from the A to Z Challenge 🙂


  5. Susan Brody says:

    I love your lyricism! Your prose is poetry.


  6. Hi there!

    I’m stopping by during the A to Z Challenge. I enjoyed stopping by and hope you get the chance to check out my blog sometime during this month. I’m a children’s book author and I’m reviewing different books. Good luck with the challenge!

    Take care,

    Donna L Martin


    • faeriembassy says:

      thank you donna and I did enjoy your idea the storycatcher – that is what we do isnt it
      pluck a story out of the cosmos and lay it out for others to find themselves in..


  7. Fil says:

    Great images of Autumn – and a wallaby to boot … wow


  8. Susan Scott says:

    Autumn is here too in SA Sandra – what a lovely inspired post for the A-Z thank you! Written in your poetic and beautiful way.


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