Rebeccas garden


it is raining and the wind is strong

leeches busy themselves attaching to us whenever we leave the verandah.

inside it is snug

bec has made  Feijoa jam

in case you didn’t know it is a type of guava

 with a soft swelling  of the belly and a spring baby to look forward to she has come home 

and wants to garden.

she found a man in south america liked him so much that they married. 

it is no wonder 

her older sister came home with her hubby and baby when he was 10 months old.

precedent set and why not ?

it is a beautiful place to be and we all happen to like each other?

is that so odd?

in some circles it is not the done thing.

I moved countries and never gave a thought to returning to the parental home

but that was then and this is now. 

we are making another world possible

for all of us

 and the commitment is strong.

her room in the tower is finished and looks beautiful with a window added on the southern side to allow a view into the forest and onto the vege garden.

presently they climb a ladder to get there.

the men are working  to build stairs which is a huge thing and the graph paper and pencil come out time and time again to get things right before they cut,  before they make the mark.

already bec has found a wild patch of comfrey apple mint  yarrow that she wants to turn into a herb garden

with judicious fencing.

this is the learning for us that we cannot expect to have food without fencing 

hard as we find this notion in our love of wild and freedom for freedoms sake.

thank goodness the young ones are turning up with their notions and ways

and we can sit back a little

cuppa in hand

and say dear that sounds great.



About faeriembassy

the faerie embassy is my home space,a beautiful mudbrick castle in a richly diverse forest. which means I am very passionate about wallabies and pythons and mist spiders and twisted angophoras and the sound of the wind and the feel of the rain . we are an ark ,an island of light, a beacon of common sense in a crazy out of control consumption mad world.we have a composting toilet for goddess sake.
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4 Responses to Rebeccas garden

  1. Found you via A-Z and loved your post … #Blogging from A-Z 2015 this year two themes Movies and What’s in a name
    4covert2overt ~ A PLACE IN THE SPOTLIGHT
    ⋱ ⋮ ⋰.,;***;,.⋱ ⋮ ⋰
    ⋰ ⋮ ⋱…_/l\_…⋰ ⋮ ⋱
    ♫ ƤҼƌҪҼ ƌƝƊ ĻƠṼҼ ॐ βԼƐֆֆїɳɠֆ ƌƝƊ βԼїֆֆ ♫


  2. Susan Scott says:

    God’s own country .. thank you Sandra for sharing this slice of life from down under ..


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