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About faeriembassy

the faerie embassy is my home space,a beautiful mudbrick castle in a richly diverse forest. which means I am very passionate about wallabies and pythons and mist spiders and twisted angophoras and the sound of the wind and the feel of the rain . we are an ark ,an island of light, a beacon of common sense in a crazy out of control consumption mad world.we have a composting toilet for goddess sake.

what exactly have we gained from this market takeover of planet earth?

days tick on summer days full of heat and brooding skies. rain a distant sense of something that once fell and may again ….. the forest settles into its summerself with baby wallabies big enough to leave mum hanging about … Continue reading

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womb wise

  The womb ; container of life and all the mysteries receives communication direct from the source. The womb is the dreamer the basket that sustains life. it is sustainability it is permaculture .     The womb is sterile and … Continue reading

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But I will keep voting for the rivers

  It is election time on this fair land and the campaign trail marches into our kitchen before the sun. Only a month to the winter solstice and the sun is taking its sweet time to rise above the tree … Continue reading

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the innocent heart

      there are those that rule that write the laws and administer them while others find themselves on a proscribed list. asylum seekers are refugees fleeing persecution danger horror and terror. they come to our shores knocking asking … Continue reading

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I came here to play

    I have been very slack and ignoring you all and today out of the blue I turn up here and find some beautiful comments from friends old and new. I felt a little like returning but do not … Continue reading

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this never before seen heard or felt day

  barely dawn not even a chirrup. I hear the murmur of voices and then a door closing a car starting and the high pitch of a small child calling out from the verandah ‘love youu   love youuu   … Continue reading

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a new moon

      so much rain again this summer places an autumn air upon our mornings where mist and her attendants swirl around the hills dancing until after breakfast. the valley shines emerald and here in the forest we wrestle … Continue reading

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